Northern Cyprus, this amazing corner of the island of Cyprus, although not recognized by the world at large, has excellent prospects for foreign investors. One of the most remarkable advantages is the opportunity to obtain a residence permit, or so-called "golden visa", thanks to the investment program.

The investment program of Northern Cyprus provides an opportunity to get a residence permit for people who will invest at least 150 thousand dollars in real estate or business on the territory of the republic. The residence permit gives the investor all the rights and privileges of a resident of the country.

Obtain the coveted resident status can be obtained by submitting an application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Northern Cyprus, providing documents confirming identity, financial solvency and a description of the investment project. The whole application process can take from three to six months.

However, it should be remembered that the Northern Cyprus residence permit does not grant the right to move freely in other European Union countries, to which the southern part of the island officially belongs.