Buying real estate in North Cyprus, you can be assured of quality medical care. Medicine in North Cyprus works at the highest level. There are both public and private sectors of medicine. It is important to note that the level of qualification of specialists is equally high. Only the speed of service and individual approach differ.

Public medicine is available to all TRNC citizens free of charge, as well as to foreigners with insurance. Private medicine is also developed in North Cyprus. There are not only private hospitals, but also polyclinics offering a wide range of outpatient services. Clinics are always impeccably clean, and medical staff always surrounds with attention. By the way, there are also Russian-speaking doctors here. It is important to note that emergency assistance (number 112) is free for absolutely everyone. 

Medical institutions of Northern Cyprus provide absolutely any assistance, including surgery and dentistry. Equipment in hospitals and polyclinics meets international standards, so you can be sure of high quality of treatment.

Medical tourism is developed in Northern Cyprus, especially in the field of reproductology. Prices for procedures in private clinics are lower than in most European countries. 

In addition to hospitals and polyclinics, the network of pharmacies is well developed. Here you can buy many medicines without a prescription. Also in pharmacies you can vitamins and cosmetics at very nice prices. 

Medicine in Northern Cyprus pleases with its high level and can safely compete with other countries for supremacy in this area.