Education in North Cyprus is one of the most attractive and accessible in the whole world. There are 4 levels of education in North Cyprus and it works according to the British system.

  • The first stage is kindergartens, private and public. In many kindergartens there is a bus service available to take your child to the kindergarten and back home. The very essence of TRNC kindergartens is similar to preschool education in CIS countries. The obligatory part is the study of English. The cost of the garden is 100-500$ per month. Attendance at a state kindergarten is free, but only if you have a residence permit, for example, when buying real estate.
  • The second stage - elementary school for children from 5 years old, training for 5 years. In public schools education is in Turkish, English is studied additionally. In private schools education is entirely in English, and Turkish is an additional language.
  • The third level is secondary school from 5th to 11th grades. In public schools some subjects are taught in English. Education in public schools is free of charge. But the cost of a year in private schools starts from 2 000$ per year and can reach up to 10 000$ depending on the school itself.
  • The fourth stage is universities. Among them there are not only local institutions, but also campuses of world universities. Teaching is conducted in English.  Universities provide their foreign students with dormitories and full medical care.

The cost of education here is much lower than in other European countries and the USA. On average - from 2000 to 8000 euros per year for study. For good academic performance universities offer grants up to 100%.

In Northern Cyprus you can get quality education from kindergarten to university at affordable prices. And when buying real estate and applying for a residence permit, a high level of education will be free for your children.