Deputy Prime Minister of the TRNC, Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Environment Fikri Ataoglu said that the TRNC is moving towards its new tourism goals and that in addition to building new marinas and golf courses, two separate cable car projects are planned in Kyrenia .

The TRNC has regained its pre-Covid-19 tourism performance and the ministry is going to implement new projects in order to receive even more tourists in the future than before the pandemic.

A tender for a marina in Famagusta will be announced soon, in addition to the project to expand the harbor for vintage yachts in Kyrenia. An area will be created for the construction of a marina in Gaziveren, where small yachts can moor. The minister noted that through these projects they want to receive 200-300 yachts cruising the Mediterranean in the ports of the TRNC every tourist season, which will also contribute to employment and trade in the country.

Work is underway on the construction of 4-5 golf courses to attract sports tourism to the TRNC. There are plans to build at least 3 golf courses in the Bafra area.

The cable car project, which will be built in the Kyrenia region, is at its final stage, work is underway to create a second line of the cable car, which will last from Kyrenia to the castle of St. Hilarion.

Ataoglu said that they are focusing on solving all infrastructure problems in tourism, and that they are identifying an area for the construction of new hotels in order to increase the number of tourist places in the TRNC, and there are also campaigns to promote the popularity of the TRNC with the support of Turkey.

Ataoglu added that with the completion of the construction and maintenance of the new terminal at Ercan Airport, they expect some airlines to start their flights to the TRNC, and this will mean an important contribution to the development of tourism in the country.