A total of 67 candidates will compete for the post of mayor in 18 municipalities in the general local elections to be held on 25 December in the TRNC.

There are two days left before the local elections. The campaigning process, which began on December 5, will end on December 24, and on December 25, voters will determine 18 mayors, 220 deputies of the city council, 240 elders and 960 members of the council of elders.

Local elections, which are held every 4 years and were supposed to be held in June this year, but were postponed to December 25 to pass an amendment to the law (municipal reform), will be the first elections after the reduction in the number of municipalities from 28 to 18.

603 people submitted applications to Mukhtar, of which 61 people were chosen. 1,399 people applied for admission to the councils of elders, of which 588 people were admitted to the elections. In the local elections, 67 applications were submitted for 18 mayors, half of the applications were from party members, the other half from independent candidates.