TrNC President Ersin Tatar, Chairman of the Earthquake Committee Prof. Dr.  Cavit Atalar gave an assessment of the situation on how an earthquake in Turkey could affect Cyprus and discussed all the risks. President Ersin Tatar said that they assessed all aspects within a day after the earthquake that occurred in Turkey, and said that rumors of an earthquake in Cyprus after Turkey do not have a serious scientific basis

The Crisis Table, chaired by President Tatar,  continues its coordination work. Speaker of the Assembly Zorlu Töre, Commander of the Turkish Peace Forces (KTBK), Major General Sezai Ozturk, Commander of the Security Forces (GKK) Major General Zorlu Topaloglu, Chairman of the Union of Turkish Cypriot Municipalities Mahmut Ozchinar, Deputy President  Okan Donangil and other officials attended the meeting. President of the Union of Turkish Cypriot Municipalities Mahmut Ozchinar contacted the Union of Municipalities of Turkey and AFAD and expressed his support and assistance.