After the earthquake in Turkey, Ercan Airport  was included in the domestic flights of Turkish Airlines. With this decision, the prices of Adana - Istanbul Ercan tickets  decreased. Transport Minister Erhan Aryqli said: Thank you THY and thank you Dimağ Caginer...

As a result of our negotiations, Turkish Airlines switched Ercan on domestic flights until February 13  . Thus, the cost of the flight between Adana and Ercan was reduced to 724 Turkish liras. If necessary, additional flights will be added. In addition, today THY will launch 2 additional flights and provide transportation between Ercan and Istanbul at an extremely low price. A plane was also organized with the sponsorship of Dimağ  Caginer. This plane will also fly to Adana and take our students from Kahramanmarash. Relatives of the missing who will go to both Istanbul and Adana, please contact the following ministry numbers.

- 05428807644

- 05338638288