The TRNC Solidarity Platform, which includes 43 organizations, has taken a step towards helping those affected by the earthquake by starting construction of container houses for people in Turkey. The platform said: "Even 1 Turkish lira is important to us.... ", the statement said. The executive and supervisory boards of the solidarity platform shared the details of the project and account numbers for those who want to make a donation. Head of the Chamber of Industry Ali Kamacioğlu, President of the Association of Hoteliers Dimag Caginer, President of the Association of Building Contractors Kafer Gürkafer, General Coordinator of the Chamber of Artisans Hürrem Tulga, President of the Association of Business Women Entrepreneurs Ichim Kavuklu and Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce Aysun Onet Advance expressed their condolences to those who died as a result of the earthquake in Turkey, condolences to their families and a speedy recovery to the victims. The details of the project were shared by the President of the Chamber of Industry Ali Kamacioğlu: "The houses, which will be built in size 2 + 1, with an area of about 40 square meters, will be delivered to the port of Iskenderun in two parts and will be installed in the place specified by the authorities of the Republic of Turkey. Technical staff from the TRNC will also be sent to the region, and the names of sponsors or institutions can be written on homes at will.

Since each ship can carry 140 houses, in the first 10 days it is planned to build 140 houses and send them to Turkey." The aim is to create a thousand houses to be built by the Turkish Cypriot solidarity platform and deliver them to the Republic of Turkey. In addition to 43 organizations, the state and citizens will also contribute to the construction of houses. According to the information provided, the cost of each house with an area of 40 square meters will reach about 175 thousand Turkish liras.