The head of the Health Tourism Council of Cyprus, Member of Parliament Ahmet Savashan visited the exhibition of the Berlin International Tourism Exchange (ITB Berlin).  Savashan said that they aim for North Cyprus to achieve a 50% increase in revenues from health tourism and a 20% increase in employment in 2023 thanks to the activities of the Cyprus Medical Tourism Council on an international platform.  Savashan said: "We presented our medical services in comfortable hospitals and clinics with suitable conditions, specialist doctors using advanced medical equipment technologies, up-to-date information to representatives of the countries with which we met, and all interested parties. Thanks to the connections we have acquired and the new agreements we have concluded, we foresee more 'medical tourists' coming to North Cyprus in 2023, especially from Germany." Savashan is working on health tourism platform Health North Cyprus (, which has been active for 2 years and is accredited by the TRNC Ministry of Tourism, the World Health Tourism Council, the Cyprus Health Tourism Council. It is planned to start activities in the field of digital marketing in selected areas, such as plantation, dentistry and physiotherapy.