5 regional universities signed a protocol on cooperation with the municipality of Kyrenia. The signed protocol has been described as the first time universities have gathered under one roof. A protocol of cooperation was signed between the municipality of Kyrenia and five universities in Kyrenia. The signing ceremony was attended by the Rector of the American University Girne Prof. Dr. Ali Haidar, Rector of the University of Kyrenia Prof. Dr. Ilkay Salihoğlu, Rector of Final International University Prof. Dr. Hussein Yaratan, Rector of the University of Creative Arts and Design Arkyn, Prof. Dr. Asim Vehbi and Vice-Rector of the Cyprus University of Science Prof. Dr. Mesut Yalvak. This was done with the aim of expanding cooperation in the educational, technical, scientific and artistic fields for the first time in the TRNC. The mayor of Kyrenia, Murat Şenkul, said that they had signed an important protocol to create a new city, and aimed to expand cooperation in the fields of technology, education, science and art and create a more beautiful and livable Kyrenia. Shenkul said they intend to work on issues such as bringing together university festivals and ensuring integrity in public transport, the goal being to create a much more beautiful Kyrenia than it is today, enlisting support in all areas, especially in technology. Rector of the University of Creative Arts and Design Arkyn Prof. Dr. Asim Vehbi noted that it is important for universities to apply their knowledge in practice in joint projects.

 - Exchange of mutual knowledge and experience on the necessary issues

- Cooperation for the development of projects in the necessary fields, through the mutual appointment of academic/administrative staff and/or authorization.

 - Maintenance of scientific/public meetings organized by the parties.

- Organization of trainings, seminars and master classes to support joint research and new initiatives in areas of interest to the parties.

- Providing on-the-job training.