The Department of Meteorology of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, the Kandilli Observatory of Boazici University  and the Earthquake Research Institute (KRDAE) have begun cooperation on earthquake research. Thanks to the seismological stations established by KRDAE in the TRNC, joint research, observation and assessment of earthquakes will be carried out, and technical support and training will take place without on-the-job.

On March 21, a new cooperation protocol was signed between the Ministry of Public Works, the Department of Transport Meteorology, the Kandilli Observatory of Bogazici University  and the Earthquake Research Institute (KRDAE). Speaking after the signing ceremony, Deputy Minister of Public Works and Transport Ozturk  stated that the protocol that had been signed between the two institutions in 1999, following the earthquakes, had been updated and supplemented. The protocol aims to develop and co-operate seismic observation stations in the TRNC, in addition to which the existing technical infrastructure will be developed and joint scientific research on this issue will be conducted. Ozturk said that the five seismological stations currently in the TRNC have been idle for many years, and with the signing of the protocol, these stations will be completely renovated, and two more full-fledged stations will be created. Thanks to the protocol, the Department of Meteorology will monitor seismic activity in the Mediterranean Sea together with the Kandilli Observatory. "This protocol is very important to us as it contributes to the training of our staff and will address our technical and infrastructural shortcomings. We went through a very painful process. From now on, our duty is not to be afraid of an earthquake, but to be prepared for earthquakes, guided by science," Ozturk said.