Northern Cyprus is one of the most attractive regions for investors. And for this, the country has undeniable advantages that not every state can boast of. 

  • Very favorable tax conditions. Profit tax is only 10%, and for foreign investors, income from investments is not taxed.
  • Liquid real estate. The average price per square meter is about 500 euros, which is several times cheaper than in the southern part of the island. This opens up great opportunities for investment and high returns, as real estate prices do not stop rising.
  • Favorable conditions for tourism. Northern Cyprus is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean due to its beautiful beaches, rich history and culture and visa-free entry. The flow of vacationers here is constantly growing, which means that the return on investment in tourism will also grow.
  • Observance of complete confidentiality of information about your income by the state TRNC. And this information does not go out of the country.
  • A safe region for your investment. Anglo-Saxon law and a steadily developing economy - a guarantee that your investment will indeed have a high return.

Northern Cyprus is a modern developing region that is loyal to its investors. If you want to see a real increase in the return on investment, then Northern Cyprus is exactly what you need.