How soon do you want to get a return on your investment in North Cyprus real estate? If you are still undecided, in this post we will tell you about 3 types of investments. Read on and choose your option! 

  • Short term investment. This is the option of buying real estate and pre-selling it. You have a chance to purchase the property at the lowest cost. You can sell such apartments/villas/townhouses during the construction phase. The plus is that you can invest in the purchase of 40-60% of the full value of the object, and after - to sell. The yield on such investments is 25-50%. Investment terms are on average 6-12 months.
  • Longer term investments. Buying real estate at the construction stage and reselling it in finished form. Here you will pay the developer 80-100% of the total cost of the property. The duration of investment is 24-36 months. Profit on investment - 30% and higher. On some properties, the returns can go up to 100%. 
  • Long-term investments. They are also the most popular. Here the purchase of real estate is made at the stage of the start of sales. You can buy real estate in interest-free installments with a down payment of 30%. Already in 2-3 years you can get the keys to the apartment. And from that moment it can be rented out. So the apartment will pay for itself. Return on such investments - from 10% per annum. 

When choosing the type of investment and the object always rely on the experience of real estate agencies, they will help you avoid risks and select the most profitable object, conducting an independent assessment of a particular developer, will help you choose the most profitable option at the time of application to them.