We've already talked a lot about the benefits of real estate investing. But where is the best place to buy investment real estate? Today let's elaborate on the neighborhoods of Northern Cyprus.

  • Iskele. According to Forbes it is Iskele that has become the #1 region in the world of investment! It has the longest sandy beaches and a huge influx of tourists. Investors have been settled here for a long time, which has led to increased competition for real estate developers. But for investors it has rather become an advantage: gifts, favorable terms of installments, special offers for LCD. Iskele is the main investment point of the island. 
  • Kyrenia or Girne. One of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Northern Cyprus. The area is perfectly developed and offers comfortable living conditions. Therefore, investment in Kyrenia real estate will be successful, both for resale and long term rentals. 
  • Esentepe. Here the infrastructure may not be as well developed as in Iskel and Kyrenia, but this area is particularly popular with Europeans. The optimal solution for investment in Esentepe will be resale real estate. Mostly villas.